ShopFactory Newsletter: August 2010
  • What - I lost my Google Rankings???
  • Boost Your Ranking in ShopFactory 8
  • Cross Linking Product Pages
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What - I Lost My Google Rankings???

Imagine - one day you are ranked number one on Google. Then all of the sudden - WHAM, in a few days you lose most of your traffic.

That is exactly what happened to many online merchants back in May 2010. Merchants world wide saw a major drop in traffic and sales on their website.

This was a result of search algorithm changes Google implemented with the goal of making "long-tailed" searches more relevant.

A "long-tailed" search is - a phrase containing three or more words. "Better Product Descriptions" is a long-tailed phrase. Single keywords will have little weight on the search engine. What this means is the majority of online merchants who use catalog content will have to spend the time rewriting their pages - specifically their product pages. Although a single keyword will still help the overall rank of your site, search phrases will generate more traffic as this Google change is permanent.

Here are some main issues to help you get back those number one rankings (see next topic for more):

  • Write unique keyword rich phrase TITLE tags for each product.
  • Ensure you have keyword rich URLs that contain the product name.
  • Rewrite product information to expand on features and benefits.
  • Cross linked products will also add some weight to your search returns.

Many online shops have cross link problems because products are often only found through one link on a site. As well, linking directly to your products from other sites will help build your traffic and add weight to your long-tailed search phrases.

ShopFactory 8 users have the advantage though!

In ShopFactory 8, users can quickly make changes where needed. With the product SEO tools a user can change the product URL to better match the keywords, phrases and text content on their product pages. Linking to other related products is also quick and easy...

Boost Your Ranking in ShopFactory 8

You can save yourself time in ShopFactory 8 as it is a complete content management system you should be using to your benefit.

Make sure when rewriting your product content, you use the proper description for your product. Also repeat the tags and keywords from the title throughout your description and introduction.

Properly update your product meta-tags using the same keywords in the URL and the title.

ShopFactory 8 saves you time as it has already copied the written content above to your meta-content when you open the "Product / Enter details for search engines (meta-tags)" tool in the editor.

Make sure you add the keywords to the URL (Page filename) as in the following example!

Cross Linking Product Pages

Cross linking products is an easy way to create more links in your site to related products. This tool is found under Products / Cross Promotions - when you click on any product in your site.

By adding a Cross Link with some text and an image, the search engines will start to pick-up on other products related to your site, and rerank you higher for several items over time. The product above is being linked in the the sample below...

You will notice that the cross linked image and text on the right of this sample has similar content:

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